A Faith Based View of Higher Criticism

     Higher Criticism is the academic study that tries to determine who wrote the various books of the Bible and when each part was written.  It began at the end of the 18th century and became fashionable in the mid 19th century.  Many of today's concerns about the divinity of the Bible are direct outgrows of Higher Criticism.  It has questioned the Bible's historic accuracy and concluded that at least some parts were neither written by the stated authors nor at the times the Bible claims.  Some of its more extreme contributors maintain that the Bible is of human origin with no divine contribution.
     A Faith Based View of Higher Criticism reviews the history of Higher Criticism's development and details its preference for a natural explanation of the text, showing in the process that such a preference ignores the divine revelation couched in the book.  It contrasts the inherit revelations in the Biblical text to illustrate how shallow and arid Higher Criticism's explanations are.  The book also provides faith-based conclusions for the the criticisms that Higher Criticism raises as well as pointing out some of its flaws.
    But Higher Criticism is more than an academic probe.  It was rooted and powered by cultural dynamics that still exist in the world.  Those cultural dynamics have already produced devastating results and, although exported to portions of the third world, threaten Western Civilization today.  Despite its record, Higher Criticism remains the dominant explanation for the Bible's development and continues to undermine Christian faith.
     A Faith Based View of Higher Criticism closes by discussing how God will complete his work.  Higher Criticism has helped fulfill some Biblical prophecies and prepared the Western Christianity for God's salvation now ready to be unfolded.

203 pages divided into 44 concise chapters

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