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Publishers and distributors of books that teach and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in our Savior's life and ministry and proclaimed by His apostles.
Dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
 Our Beliefs
We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, she being conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, who came into the world to take upon himself our flesh, suffer our limitations and bear our sins on Calvary's cross, where he paid the price for our transgressions and redeemed us by offering himself in death.
We believe that Jesus rose from the dead with an immortal body and commission his disciples to tell the world the good news contained in his gospel -- that those who follow him will be resurrected after their mortal death.
We believe that all people naturally think and act contrary to God and become sinners as they do what they want instead of what God wants, but, if they discipline themselves to Jesus, His power will transform them into sons and daughters of God and inheritors of the immortality residing in him.
We believe that people, who are willing to discipline themselves to Jesus, exercise their faith in him to raise them to eternal life, by repentance, that is, confessing their sinful nature, eliminate sinful acts in their own lives and relying on Jesus to help them live a righteous life.
We believe that those who repent are willing to manifest their repentance by submitting to baptism, an act that symbolizes the death of the carnal person and the resurrection to new life available in Jesus, which baptism also brings a remission of sins to the baptized person.
We believe that those who are baptized receive the gift of the Holy Ghost as an abiding Comforter, given in apostolic times through the laying of hands by the apostles and elders of the church.
We believe that the church that Jesus built fell away from the simplicity of the Savior's gospel and apostatized is it adopted assorted pagan precepts, practices and politics, thereby plunging the Christian world into the Dark Ages.
We believe that God returned the church after the period of apostasy, as God promised, and placed in it the same ordinances, priesthood authority, offices and spiritual gifts characteristic of the original church for the the purpose of establishing his kingdom on earth in preparation of the Savior's glorious return.
We believe that the restored church not only has the commission to preach the gospel and observe the ordinances as Jesus originally instituted them and as they are performed by divinely-appointed priesthood, but to restore to every scattered portion of ancient Israel the covenants that God made with with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
We believe that God led at least one of the dispersed groups of ancient Israelites, granted them direction and blessings, and commanded them to record their history, God's purpose for which was to bringing forth their record simultaneously with the restoration of the church, which book stands as a testimony to scattered Israel that God is fulfilling his ancient covenants with them.
We believe that God has established his kingdom on earth and is extending an invitation through the preaching of the gospel to all people around the world, preparing the repent for the glorious return of Jesus when he descends with the hosts of heaven.
We believe some who refuse to repent or feign repentance, fight against God's latter-day work, but that God will cause his work to prevail by confounding the opponents and ending their opposition.
We believe that those who hear the gospel and obey it will gather into God's kingdom and gladly receive Jesus as king when he descends in clouds of great glory and ushers in his millennial reign, a 1000 years of righteousness and peace.

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