Interpretation of Prophecy
The Restoration and Futurist Views Compared

     Most fundamental Christian today believe that Bible prophecy foretells a future 10-region empire that wages a 7-year period of tribulation, preceding the Savior's return and from which the faithful are rescued in the rapture.  This explanation is called the Futurist Interpretation because it places the fulfillment of this part of Biblical in the future.
     Where did this belief come from?  Did the apostles and early Christians interpret prophecy that way?  Did the reformers make the same conclusion?
     The Restoration presents an different explanation of Biblical prophecy.  How does that interpretation compare with the views of the reformers or the teachings of the early Christian Church?
     Biblical prophecy and its fulfillment in the Restoration's latter-day glory has been the backbone of the Restoration message.  Missionaries from the Reorganization regularly taught the meanings of Daniel's and John's prophecies, but that was almost a century ago.  The Reorganized Church has not published a book detailing its interpretation of prophecy since 1946.  In the late 1960s, the Herald House did offer for a time a privately published book by George Njeim entitled Insights into the Book of Revelation.  The result is that most church members, even in Restoration settings, do not adequately understand the Restoration view.  They can easily assume that the Futurist view augments Restoration teachings.
     Interpretation of Prophecy details the development of both views and explains which better agrees with the former-day saints in apostolic times and latter-day saints under Joseph Smith's prophetic leadership.
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